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Whether you like it or not, chances are Monsanto contaminated the food you ate today with chemicals and unlabeled GMOs. Monsanto controls much of the world's food supply at the expense of food democracy worldwide. This site is dedicated to empowering citizens of the world to take action against Monsanto & it's enablers like the FDA, USDA, EPA, GMA, BIO, and the processed food companies that use Monsanto's products.

Prensa Latina News Agency: Paraguayans Protest Against U.S. Multinational

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Paraguayans Protest Against U.S. Multinational

Asuncion, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) Groups of Paraguayans protested today in downtown Asuncion against the U.S. transnational Monsanto and official authorisation for transgenic crops of corn and cotton.

Social organizations that are part of the Campaign for Life and Human Rights, thus joined the international movement called Occupy Monsanto that take place in many countries.

Posters with the motto “Monsanto Out Paraguay” and “We Stand For Life” were peaked by protesters, along with another that referred to Federico Franco, currently holding the presidency of the Republic, with the phrase Monfranco Out.

Some participants spoke near the Pantheon of the Heroes, denouncing the serious damage to the health of farmers, the environment and lands caused by seeds and pesticides sold by Monsanto to the country.

There, it was announced that, throughout this week, there will be activities in the streets to defend national and native seed against the avalanche of crops with GM seeds directly approved by Franco and brought into the country by Monsanto.

As part of the Week of the Seed, an event also takes place with representatives of peasant and indigenous organizations and other civil society to discuss and disseminate the damage caused by the opening to GM seed.

Among them, the damage done by this government decision to national plans for food sovereignty, the indigenous seed used by small and humble farmers and the health of those who work the land.

Source: Prensa Latina News Agency

INCIDENT REPORT: Photos of the Action Against Monsanto in Mystic, CT

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On September 15, 2012 a few dozen demonstrators held up signs outside of Monsanto’s Mystic, Connecticut facility.

INCIDENT REPORT: Photos from the Tlayolan Maisfest 2012 in Berlin, Germany

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About 700 people came to the Aztec Maize Harvest on Saturday, 15th of September, in Berlin, Germany. They celebrated the harvest of colorful GMO-free and open-pollinated corn with traditional Aztec rituals and ceremonies.

A variety of typical Latin-American food, music and dance was offered and people were informed about the dangers of GMOs and Monsanto.

Via: / Facebook

INCIDENT REPORT: Photos from Melbourne, Australia

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Although a small crowd we occupied the lobby of Monsanto Australian HQ, talked to bystanders and convinced the building manager and cops to extend the 30 second stay they had originally given us.

The Monsanto offices closed for the duration of our rally.

Messages of solidarity from Occupy Monsanto Sydney and Latin American Solidarity Network came in as we networked with GM free activists from Bendigo, Ballarat, Wonthaggi, Melbourne as well as passersby.

Good day in all – we were filmed by the ABC and interviewed by Wonderful World Media.

Later we delivered a letter to the Monsanto office listing our concerns. We were told that the Monsanto Australia Leadership team are all away in St Louis – we told them more protests would await them.

Horrible sight in their office – a floodlit shrine-like display of Round-Up containers in a display cabinet!

INCIDENT REPORT: Video from Mullumbimby, Australia

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Mullumbimby has joined the global movement “Occupy Monsanto” with a week of fantastic events, films and a massive street parade so people can learn about the dangers of GM crops and speak out against the company’s poisonous 40-year legacy.

On Saturday 15th People marched in a street parade from Santos Health food shop in Mullumbimby to the Mullumbimby Community Gardens. They called for an end to the use of glyphosate hebicide (roundup) and a halt to the use of genetically modified seeds. Occupy Monsanto!!!!


KCRA: Davis protest marks one-year anniversary of Occupy

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Davis protest marks
one-year anniversary of Occupy

Occupy aims to shut down Monsanto in Davis

About 100 Occupy protesters blocked off the parking lot to Monsanto Corporation in Davis in an effort to shut down the chemical giant.

Members of the Occupy movement said they planned to mark the first year of the movement with more demonstration.

The protest, organized by Occupy Sacramento, Woodland and Davis groups, is one of nearly 100 demonstrations planned across the world in protest of the chemicals and mass pollution. It also marks one year of the movement.

Protesters carried signs, wore bio-hazard suits, and chanted “No GMO’s”, referring to genetically modified organisms.

Occupy held a similar protest at Monsanto in March.

The demonstration remained peaceful.

Davis police said they have brought in additional officers and have a contingency plan in place in case the protest escalates.

+ Watch on Youtube

Source: Mae Fesai, KCRA

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