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Lansing State Journal: Protesters gather in Mason for ‘Occupy Monsanto’

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Protesters gather in Mason for ‘Occupy Monsanto’

Paul Henderson, Lansing State Journal
10:52 PM, Sep 17, 2012

MASON — Melissa Chapman of St. Clair dressed in a biochemical hazard suit had a simple message.

“We want to protect people,” Chapman said.

Chapman and 20 others protested in front of the Monsanto company as part of a nationwide movement called “Occupy Monsanto” Monday afternoon.

“We are basically here protesting the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms),” Chapman said.

According to Monsanto’s website, the worldwide company’s purpose is to work alongside farmers by selling seeds, developing traits through biotechnology and crop protection chemicals. In 1982, Monsanto’s scientists were the first to genetically modify a plant cell.

Chapman, who is involved with the Occupy Monsanto Genetics Crimes Unit, said she would like to see labels on products that use GMOs.

“What we figure is that if it is labeled, people won’t buy it,” Chapman said.

Source: Paul Henderson, Lansing State Journal