This is a Call to Action for a
Non-Hierarchical Occupation of Monsanto Everywhere

Whether you like it or not, chances are Monsanto contaminated the food you ate today with chemicals and unlabeled GMOs. Monsanto controls much of the world's food supply at the expense of food democracy worldwide. This site is dedicated to empowering citizens of the world to take action against Monsanto & it's enablers like the FDA, USDA, EPA, GMA, BIO, and the processed food companies that use Monsanto's products.

GCU Sample Press Release

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Below is a generic press release that can be used by your GCU to contact the media about your decontamination event. Just modify the sections within the brackets [ ] with your GCU’s information. To view some examples, check out the earlier Occupy Monsanto Press Releases.


GCU Media Liaison: [Press Liaison Name & Cell Phone Number]

Activists to Occupy Monsanto Facility
in [Your City]

Protests a Part of Global Week of Action
Against Biotechnology Giant

[YOUR CITY IN CAPITAL LETTERS, BOLDFACE TYPE] – On [DAY OF THE WEEK], September [17-24], 2012, Occupy Monsanto’s field agents with the Genetic Crimes Unit (GCU), a group whose aim is to expose Monsanto’s crimes against humanity, will wear bio-hazmat suits during the occupation of the Monsanto facility located at [Street Address]. The GCU opposes Monsanto’s bid to increase spraying of crops with toxic weed killers like 2,4 D (the main ingredient in Agent Orange) and dicambia, the continued genetic contamination of the organic food supply, and other risks associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

[INSERT QUOTE] “In the name of Wall Street profits, chemical corporations such as Monsanto genetically engineer crops to withstand high doses of their herbicides and pesticides that contaminate our food and water, and have not been proven safe. We deserve to know what we are eating. Europe, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and other industrialized nations require the labeling of GMOs so that citizens can make informed choices. Other nations like Peru and France have even banned GMO crops. But thanks to companies like Monsanto, US consumers are denied the right to know if their food is GMO. ” said GCU’s [GCU ACTIVIST NAME/ALIAS]. “Monsanto pays Congress vast sums of money under the guise of lobbying efforts to keep GMO labels off their patented Frankenfood products. Our Congress is contaminated with GMOs and toxic chemicals, and the lack of rational, responsible labeling policy threatens our health and the health of the planet,” says [GCU ACTIVIST NAME/ALIAS].

WHO: Occupy Monsanto’s [YOUR CITY] Genetic Crimes Unit (GCU)
WHAT: Identifying Victims of Monsanto’s Genetic Crimes by GCU Agents in Bio-Hazmat Suits
WHEN: September [17-24], 2012 at [TIME]

More than 1.1 million people have signed onto the citizens’ petition to the Food and Drug Administration for GMO labeling (the most to sign an FDA petition ever). Citizens across America demand that President Obama keep his campaign promise to label GMO foods. Video of the promise can be seen here: In California Monsanto faces a 2012 ballot proposition on GMO labeling. On September 17, 2012 Occupy Monsanto is calling for hundreds of actions internationally,